A simple recipe for Creamy mushroom soup – Cookski

There are over 100,000 species of mushrooms on the planet but we are familiar with only about 10 per cent. The known species have been proven to boost the immune system among other health benefits which explains why mushroom soup is a favorite to many people.
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Ridiculously, making mushroom soup is quite easy yet very tasty. Here is a recipe to help you prepare mouthwatering and creamy mushroom soup.
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A simple recipe for Creamy mushroom soup – Cookski


  • 600g of fresh mixed mushrooms
  • 1 medium onion
  • 2 celery sticks
  • Olive oil
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • A few sprigs of fresh parsley
  • A few sprigs of fresh thyme
  • 1.5 litres of vegetable or organic stock
  • 6 slices of ciabatta
  • 75ml single cream
  • Extra virgin olive oil


Clean the mushrooms under running water then chop them finely.

Peel and finely slice the onion as well as garlic.

Pick parsley and celery and chop the stalks finely.

Pick the thyme leaves.

Now heat olive oil in a saucepan over medium heat. Then add onion, celery, parsley stalks, garlic, mushroom and thyme leaves. Cover the pan and cook gently until the mushroom is softened.

Spoon out about 4 tablespoons of mushroom and put aside for later.

Add the stock into the pan, bring it to boil over medium heat then turn the heat down to low and allow it to simmer for about 15 minutes.

Season with black pepper and sea salt to taste then whip with a stick blender until smooth.

Pour the cream back to the pan and bring it to boil then turn the heat off.

On a hot griddle pan, toast the ciabatta, top it with most of the mushroom you had reserved and drizzle some olive oil lightly.

Put the soup in bowls, garnish with the remaining mushrooms and chopped parsley and serve with crostini on the side.

You may have had mushroom soup before but certainly not like this.
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